GameStop Trade Deal Offers $225 for Switch

Gamers who have an original Switch console and want to trade it for a new Switch with longer battery life may want to take advantage of a GameStop deal now. GameStop is offering $225 in trade value for the original version of the console.

That is up to $25 more than the normal used console trade price. If you want the new Switch with significantly higher battery life, the upgrade will only cost you another $75 if you take advantage now. The new console is $300.

The extra trade cash is good until September 15. The revised Switch uses a Tegra X1 processor that runs cooler and keeps the console from heating up as much. Battery life is all you will see from the upgrade reports GameSpot.

The new console doesn’t decrease load times or increase performance at all. But for those who spend a lot of time playing the Switch on the go, the longer runtime might be worth it.