GameStop Confirms Limited Stock Of PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X Today

Gamers who have been dying to get their hands on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X should be thrilled to hear that GameStop has announced it will be getting limited stock of both consoles today. While GameStop confirmed stock would be launching today, it didn’t give an exact launch window.

The only way to know for sure when the consoles go live is to continuously spam the GameStop page or pay attention to social media where the company has promised to offer an update when they’re live. You can bet if you have to wait until the update hits social media, you won’t get one of the consoles.

Another mystery is if all available stock will be launched online at the same time or if it will be doled out over days or weeks. GameStop also declined to offer specific numbers for the hardware, only saying there would be a “limited number” of each console, including the Switch.

You can bet the stock will be gone almost as quickly as it goes up. Gamers are having to fight scalpers who are snagging all available inventory and selling them at marked up prices.