Gamers Will Want to Checkout the Biggest Xbox Sale of the Year

As Computex winds down E3 is set to take off and that means lots of news and deals for gamers. Microsoft is gearing up for its E3 news with the kickoff of what it calls “The biggest Xbox sale of the year.” If you need to renew your Xbox Live Gold membership you can currently get three months of Live Gold for $24.99 and you get another three months for free. You can get that deal via Microsoft. If you just want a sample, there is a one month pass for a dollar right now.

Those looking for some new games to play can get some deals on digital titles and some physical box copies of games. Monster Hunter World is going for $38.99 right now as a digital game via Microsoft. If you want it on disc, Amazon has it for $39.99 but you have to wait for the boxed game to turn up in the mail.

Amazon also has Sea of Thieves for $38.30 in the retail box. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus can be had via Amazon in physical form for $19.99 or the Digital Deluxe Edition is at Microsoft for $40. The Evil Within 2 is on Amazon in physical form for $19.99.

If you still haven’t got your mitts on Call of Duty WWII, you can get the Gold Edition via Microsoft for $38.99. Far Cry 5 can be had on Amazon for $39.93. Assassin’s Creed Origins is available via Microsoft for $30.00. There are loads of other games available as well if those don’t grab your attention according to IGN.