Galaxy Fold Torture Test Ends in Device Failure

Samsung has not had a smooth road with its Galaxy Fold smartphone. The original device failed quickly in many reviewer hands. The device was redesigned and relaunched. Samsung claims the device will last 200,000 folds before the hinge breaks.

CNET was live-streaming a robot that was folding the Galaxy Fold over and over to see when it fails. The bot folds the device 150 times per minute. After 10,000 folds, the device had no damage.

After 18,000 folds, the display showed minor damage. When the smartphone hit 40,000 folds, the touchscreen wasn’t working correctly, but the issue resolved after an overnight charge. After 120,000 folds, the device hinge function started to deteriorate.

The failure of the device wasn’t on the live stream for some reason, but at roughly 120,000 folds, the smartphone failed. It didn’t quite make it as long as Samsung said, but it’s worth noting that the test is much harder than a person would be on the device.