Futuremark Delists Android Mobile Devices For Suspicious 3DMark Scores


Are mobile device makers trying to cheat popular industry benchmarks? Futuremark today informed us that the HTC One, HTC One Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014, and the Samsung Galaxy Note III have all been delisted for possibly breaking the benchmark rules. Futuremark didn’t come straight out and say why each device was suspected of cheating, but they did release the following statement.

“People rely on Futuremark benchmarks to produce accurate and unbiased results. That’s why we have clear rules for hardware manufacturers and software developers that specify how a platform can interact with our benchmark software. In simple terms, a device must run our benchmarks without modification as if they were any other application.
When a device is suspected of breaking our rules it is delisted. 3DMark scores from delisted devices should not be used to compare devices. Delisted devices appear unranked, and without scores, at the bottom of the 3DMark Device Channel and the Best Mobile Devices list on our website.” – Futuremark