Free-To-Play Game Genshin Impact Rakes In $100 Million

A new free-to-play video game called Genshin Impact is doing exceptionally well since launch. Less than two weeks since the game launched at the end of September, it has already grossed over $100 million. The game is an open-world title supported with in-app purchases.

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmed from Niko Partners says that the game is “the most successful launch for an original IP from a Chinese developer.” Ahmed also called out notable success for the game in China, Japan, Korea, and the US.

Ahmed added, “According to data from [game industry analysts] Sensor Tower, the game was the #2 highest-grossing game globally on iOS in its first week.”

Data from App Annie shows the game was downloaded more than 23 million times on iOS and Android the first week. It’s expected to exceed RMB 1 billion soon.

Genshin Impact has been able to offer a core open-world RPG experience, scaled across multiple platforms,” Ahmad added. “It’s accessible (F2P / Multi-Platform), Immersive (Open World / Deep gameplay mechanics) and focuses on quality (Graphics / Story). Engagement drives monetization.”