Foxconn X38A Motherboard Review

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Box Contents

The board is packed in a study box with eye catching graphics.

Foxconn X38A Motherboard Review boxfront

The front of the box touts their new digital life theme. At present Digital life refers to a proprietary connection on the board that is designed to connect to their additional add on products. However, at the moment, no digital life products are being displayed on the company website.

Foxconn X38A Motherboard Review Inside lid

Flipping open the lid reveals tons of information on the chipset, and features of the board itself.

Foxconn X38A Motherboard Review boxback

The back of the box fills you in on tons of technical information as well.

Foxconn X38A Motherboard Bundle

Opening the package we can see that the board is secured very nicely by a hard plastic clamshell.

Foxconn X38A Motherboard Bundle

The included accessories are also tightly secured inside a cardboard box, that sits underneath the board. This is a nice touch as it keeps accessions from bouncing around within, and potentially damaging essential components on the board.

Foxconn X38A Motherboard Bundle

The included bundle is fairly expansive. Along with the mandatory manual, software cd, expansion bracket, IDE cable, floppy cable and case bracket, Foxconn includes an optional fan for the Northbridge heatsink to help cool the heatpipes. However, the included fan becomes almost necessary if you feature a case with low airflow, or water-cooling..

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