Fortnite’s High Stakes Special Event is Live

Fortnite’s patch that brings with it the High Stakes mode and other content is now live. The patch is v5.40 and reports indicate there are no big balance changes or changes that will affect the game in major ways. What you do get in the update is the special High Stakes event, new challenges, and the Getaway LTM.

Getaway mode has players trying to break into a safe to secure a jewel and then make it back to their getaway van with that jewel. The first team to finish that challenge is the winner of the round. Think of this as a new take on the old capture the flag mode.

The Grappler has landed with the update. It is a mobility item that attaches what looks like a toilet plunger to any surface you fire it at. Once attached it yanks you forward and is a way you can get to higher levels on a map more quickly.

There are adjustments to rarity colors that only changes their colors, not how the item operates. A common suppressed submachine gun has been removed along with the rare rocket launcher. There are more Epic and Legendary rocket launchers to compensate for the removal of rare reports Forbes.