Fortnite Scheduled Maintenance Happens Today

If you planned to play Fortnite in the early hours today scheduled maintenance will throw a wrench in your plans. Fortnite: Battle Royale has maintenance scheduled that will see the servers go down at 1am PST/4am EST. The downtime usually allows for updates to be applied and new weekly challenges to be added.

Forbes reports that weekly challenges are typically added without downtime needed. Patches are normally applied to the game on Wednesday mornings. Today being Thursday makes many think Epic Games has something else going on.

Many gamers are hoping that the downtime for maintenance on a Thursday means that a new mode, map changes, or bug fixes are being applied. Data miners say that this is likely just server maintenance, but one can hope.

We aren’t sure exactly how long the downtime will last. Typical downtime for server maintenance is a few hours. Since this downtime is happening on a different day than normal and no one is sure exactly what Epic is doing it’s hard to say if a few hours are all this will take.