Fortnite Promises To Update Pre-Editing Feature

Fortnite developer Epic Games upset some fans of the game when it added an option to disable pre-edits in update 15.10 on all platforms. Epic recently said that it “missed the mark” with that feature. The developer said that it’s aware some players find pre-editing unnecessary.

Developers are aware that some players want a setting that removes the option to edit build until it’s in place. Fortnite will gain that feature early next year. There is a mystery surrounding this announcement. Namely, it’s unclear what adjustments will be made.

It’s also unclear what early 2021 means. Presumably, Epic Games is talking sometime during Q1 2021. The official tweet on the Fortnite Status account read:

“We understand we missed the mark in adding an option to disable pre-edits in the 15.10. We know many of you find pre-editing unnecessary and would like a setting where you’re not able to edit a build until the build is in place. We plan to adjust the setting early next year.”

Epic has been doing a good job of communicating with players and listening to community feedback. That is a notable change from earlier in the game’s history when players were seemingly ignored.