Fortnite Port-a-Fort Turns Out to be Very Useful

Last week Fortnite launched a new patch that moved the game to version 3.5 and brought with it some interesting new changes. Among those changes was a new type of grenade called Port-a-Fort that at first glance is just a fast way to set up a new fort in an instant. It would be easy to think of one use scenario of the new addition, but players are finding some other cool uses for the forts reports Kotaku.

Fortnite streamer Ninja found some cool ways to use the Port-a-fort and the guided missile. He rides the guided missile which looks like a hack, but apparently isn’t. The trick gets him some high ground and lets him take out an opponent more easily. Flying on a missile and them boom, fort and opponent killing.

Other gamers have found a way to use the fort as a trap when opponents are stuck outside the playable area. Apparently, the Port-a-fort also negates fall damage so deploying one when jumping from a sky base saves you.

Other players are tossing Port-a-Forts into the hideouts of other players. Deploying a big fort inside a house is a mess. Fortnite players are a very sneaky bunch.