Fortnite Patch Delayed Until Today

Yesterday was supposed to be the day the latest patch was added to Fortnite, but something went wrong. What exactly happened is unclear, all we really know is that Epic Games decided to delay the patch until today. That means downtime for today started at 4am ET.

This patch is the one that will bring with it the new burst rifle. Epic has only said that it “discovered an issue” that would delay the v4.2 patch. The devs are probably understandably wary of repeating the problem that took the game offline for over 24 hours thanks to a patch issue in the past reports Comicbook.

There is no indication of how long the downtime will last. Another interesting happening in the Fortnite world is that a job listing has surfaced that some say hints a Nintendo Switch port is in the works. I think that is a bit of a stretch as the section of the listing highlighted in this rumor doesn’t sound as if it’s talking about a Switch port to our ears.

The section reads, “We’re known for our excellent work on Killer Instinct, Fortnite, and bringing Skyrim to the Nintendo Switch.” We hope a Switch port is in the works and it would be no surprise to find out one is but that doesn’t sound like it talks about a Switch port. The Switch is a popular device and a sweet portable version of Fortnite on a real console rather than mobile would be welcome.