Fortnite Monopoly and Nerf Blasters are Coming

Fortnite fans will have some new toys and games that they can enjoy in the real world before long. The new items include Fortnite Monopoly and Fortnite Nerf blasters. The Fortnite Monopoly game can be seen in the image and allows you to purchase properties from the Fortnite world.

Monopoly will launch on October 1 and will land in the US and the UK. You can expect the same gameplay we have always had with Monopoly with Fortnite inspired pieces, games, and properties. It looks like you play with card icons rather than the metal stuff in classic Monopoly.

The promise with the board game is to “bring a battle building twist to the iconic Fast Dealing Property Trading game.” As for the Nerf blasters, there are no real details on those currently reports TechCrunch.

What we do know is that they won’t land until sometime next year. We assume these will be Nerf dart or ball shooting guns based on the weapons from the game.