Fortnite Mobile Revenue Tipped at $15 Million

If you wondered if Epic Games was making any money off Fortnite Mobile, the answer is a big yes. Sensor Tower reports that the game has made serious money since it lifted the invite-only restriction for iOS users and opened the doors to all. After lifting the invite-only requirement its daily income tripled.

The average daily expenditure by players was $620,000 while the game was invite-only and once it was opened to all players, daily income went up to $1.8 million. Overall revenue for Fortnite has grown to $15 million.

Epic’s chunk of that money has been $10.5 million in only 20 days since monetization started for the mobile game. Another interesting tidbit about Fortnite Mobile is that the game has been downloaded 11 million times since it launched.

As of now the game is said to be the top download in over 20 regions for iPhone downloads. The game is also the top download in the US and has consistently beat Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans to be the top money making mobile game. These numbers are for iOS only as Fortnite Mobile isn’t on Android just yet.