Fortnite is Beating Apex Legends on Twitch

When Apex Legends launched many people thought that the game would kill Fortnite. For a while, it looked like that might be true, but things have stabilized for Fortnite. While Apex Legends is still very popular on Twitch, recent stats show that it is coming down in the rankings.

Reports indicate that Twitch viewing figures are on the way down for Apex Legends and the game has fallen behind rivals like Fortnite. Stats showed that viewers watched 31.7 million hours in the game’s first week.

That number has now dropped to 10 million hours per week. Apex outpaced viewership for Fortnite early on with as many as 7 million more viewers than Epic’s battle royale game. Since the end of February, Fortnite reportedly has double the number of concurrent viewers as Apex Legends.

Apex reportedly has concurrent viewing numbers of around 130k viewers compared to Fortnite consistently hitting 200k viewers. Some of the decline is attributed to top streamers staying away from Apex Legends for the time being.