Fortnite Gets Cross Platform Play Between Console, PC and Mobile

Gamers on the PS4 and Xbox One have long wanted the ability to play the same games against each other on the same maps. The problem is Sony and Microsoft simply won’t allow it, it’s not even that it can’t be done because it most certainly can. The popular game Fortnite is getting cross-platform play between a new mobile version that is coming, PC and the game on both consoles.

This means that mobile gamers will be playing the same exact game on the same exact map and will get the same gear and weekly updates to boot. We are certainly eager to see how Epic will pull off the game on mobile, smartphones certainly don’t have the same level of graphics that a console or PC offers.

What this means is that cross-play will function between PS4 or Xbox One, PC, iOS, and Android. The catch is that there will be no play/progress that will happen together among PS4 and Xbox One gamers. Cross-platform will look like this for Fortnite gamers that have the game on multiple platforms.

You will be able to use the same exact account for the PC, mobile and either Xbox One or PS4 reports Cinema Blend. You will get the same progress/rewards on the three platforms and play against the same people on any of those devices. It’s too bad that Sony and Microsoft won’t play along, clearly, they are worried about losing console sales to people who no longer need their consoles to play games with the same groups of friends.