Fortnite Fans Figure Out How to Open Frozen Chest In Greasy Grove

Fortnite fans who like to head over to Greasy Grove know that that there is a frozen chest at the location under a mound of ice that can’t be opened. A player has figured out how to open the chest and shared how to do it on Reddit. It turns out the opening of the chest isn’t very complicated.

All you need to do is smash the floor, the chest is sitting on, and when the chest falls, it opens up. Greasy Grove is located south of Tilted Town and is a landscape covered in ice.

The question that remains is whether or not this is a flaw that Epic didn’t mean to happen or if it just took a while for someone to try. If you are desperate for loot, this might be the place to try.

Fortnite has been tweaking things with the game to make it fun and keep it competitive. It’s not clear if you can pick up all the loot since it falls into an ice block.