Fortnite Creative Mode Shown Off by YouTuber Lachlan

Fortnite fans can get their first glimpse at the new creative mode that is coming to the game “soon.” The mode was leaked early after Lachlan and other creators were invited to Epic Games’ HQ to learn more about the mode.

No official announcements have been made on the mode at this time. In the video creative mode is said to launch on December 6, which is tomorrow. The lobby for the mode has a Select a Server portion with each server holding 16 players. There are options to invite only friends, friends, or friends of friends.

Creative servers give access to rifts for featured and personal worlds. Featured modes apparently shows unique modes, maps, and other content selected by Epic. When a rift is activated, one of four islands can be chosen. The mode does let players fly around the map.

A phone in-game allows the players to edit the world and objects to their liking. Anything the phone selects can be moved, copied, or eased. The creative mode does have a memory limit to prevent players from filling an island with s much stuff the game crashes. A counter at the bottom of the screen totals the memory used. More information is available at Fortniteintel.