Fortnite Content Update Brings Tilted Town and More

Epic Games has launched a new content update for Fortnite that is called the Fortnite 10.00 content update, and it brings some cool new items and locations with it. What used to be called Neo Tilted has been transformed by one of the Rift Zones that showed up at the start of Season 10, and it is now called Tilted Town and looks like an old west settlement with no building or harvesting allowed.

The update also brings a new weapon called the automatic sniper rifle. It is offered in rare, epic, and legendary variants. Players can find it on the floor, chest, vending machine, supply drop, and loot carrier pickups.

There are some unvaulted weapons that can only spawn in Tilted Town. The weapons include the double-barrel shotgun, six-shooter, hunting rifle, and infantry rifle. A new limited-time mode will be coming soon.

That mode is called Arsenal, and players work their way through all the weapons starting with higher rarity items and ending with lower rarities. The first player to get an elimination with the final weapon wins the match.