Ford’s Mach-E Electric Crate Motor Sells Out


After only four days since the official introduction, Ford has confirmed that its Eluminator electric crate motor has sold out. The motor went official on the first day of SEMA 2021. While the electric motor is currently sold out, it does appear Ford plans to bring the Eluminator back at some point in the future.

A Ford spokesperson told MotorTrend, “Demand has exceeded expectations. We’re currently out of stock and interested customers can sign up to be notified when they are available again to order.” It would be very interesting to know how many units Ford sold, but all it will say at this point is that demand exceeded expectations.

The Eluminator is one of the electric motors used in the popular Mach-E electric vehicle that Ford has had on the market for several months. That electric vehicle has proven popular and is very difficult to find without dealer markups, if you can find one at all.

For those wondering, making the electric motor available as a Ford Performance part doesn’t impact the availability of the hard-to-find Mach-E. Battery packs are the bottleneck for electric vehicles today, and the crate motor did not include a battery or control electronics. We would love to know what all of the people who purchased the Eluminator plan to do with the motor.