First In-Game Trailer of the Zero Gravity Shooter Called Shattered Horizon Released

Futuremark Games Studio today released a new trailer showing the first in-game footage from Shattered Horizon, their upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter for the PC. The first trailer for Shattered Horizon to show in-game footage, this
new video shows two players working together to take control of an asteroid being mined in near-Earth space. Players use rocket packs to fly freely through space and can land on any surface, surprising opponents by attacking from unexpected angles. The Shattered Horizon trailer can be watched here in HD.

Shattered Horizon PC Game

“This new trailer shows Shattered Horizon’s realistic space setting and
the player’s complete freedom of movement,” said Antti Summala, lead
designer at Futuremark Games Studio. “FPS fans looking for a new
multiplayer challenge this holiday should check out Shattered Horizon
for an experience that is only possible in a game without gravity.”

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