First Destiny 2 DLC of 2018 Lands January 30

Bungie has announced the official launch date for the very first Destiny 2 update of 2018. The update will land on January 30, right along with the launch of the first Iron Banner week for the game. Once the update is applied, the gamer will be on version 1.1.2.

The update will bring with it a revamped reward system that goes with raids and raid lairs. Bungie also baked in some unique perks for raid armor that only functions when players are on the Leviathan. Those special buffs are broader and more useful than situational perks that players can get in the game right now.

The special buffs for raids do only show up on legendary mods. The mods will be able to be applied to existing raid armor and new pieces. One key benefit to these new mods is that they are reusable, and you can remove a piece and reapply it later.

That removal and reapplication will cost one Calus token. The update will allow any player who completes the Prestige version of a raid to get normal-mode drops. Raid loot won’t be tied to specific sections of the raid meaning you get loot no matter what encounter you clear. Every raid encounter will also have the possibility of dropping an exotic weapon or armor piece. There are other things the update will bring to the game than what is mentioned here.