Final Fantasy VII Remake Tipped for 2023

Final Fantasy fans who were hoping to get hands on the Final Fantasy VII Remake soon won’t be particularly happy to hear this. Word is that the game won’t be ready until 2023. That is certainly not confirmed, but the date allegedly came from closed-door conversations with producer Yoshinori Kitase and development lead Naoki Hamaguchi.

These talks were reportedly held during the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary event and at least it gives fans an idea when to expect the game. The 2023 date makes some sense as that would be the 35th anniversary of the original title.

Hamaguchi seems to feel that date isn’t ideal according to the rumor and is working to speed things up. Launching such an anticipated game on the 35th anniversary of the title sounds like a good marketing move and would make sense.

The rumors stem from a transcript of the talk released by someone attending the events. Destructoid says it has reached out to Square Enix for confirmation. Perhaps some details will surface at E3.