Ferrari F8 N-Largo Spider Is One Heavily Modified Novitec Super Car


Ferrari makes some of the most beautiful vehicles in the world, and all of them offer extremely high performance directly from the factory. Novitec has a long history of taking high-performance cars and making them more extreme. Its latest example is the Ferrari F8 Spider. It’s been converted into the Novitec F8 N-Largo Spider, and the car is incredible.

It starts with a new carbon fiber body kit that is 211 centimeters wider in the rear. The car was coated in a bright purple with a beige and black interior in this particular example. Buyers get to choose their own colors for the outside and inside of the car. It rolls on custom Vossen forged wheels that are 21-inches in the front and 22-inches in the rear.

The body kit does more than just look good, it was designed in a wind tunnel to help improve performance. The best improvements to the vehicle, which is limited to 15 examples, come in the engine bay.

Novitec took the standard 3.9-liter twin-turbo Ferrari V8 and tuned it to produce 818 horsepower and 903 Nm of torque. That’s 98 horsepower, more than the standard Ferrari V8. Increased horsepower comes courtesy of a new engine tune, and the car has a high-performance custom exhaust system. It can reach 100 KM/H in 2.6 seconds and has a top speed of over 340 KM/H.