Fallout 76 Holotapes Hint at Ties to Other Franchise Games

The latest game in the Fallout franchise hasn’t been well received by the gaming public. It had lots of bugs, and most of the press has been bad. A new discovery in Fallout 76 has players talking about the game in a good way.

Kotaku reports that holotapes have been found that have led players on a hunt for clues about recently added Vault 51. The new quest hints that the game might have ties to the rest of the Fallout series.

The last update landed May 7 and with that update orange Vault-Tec boxes that weren’t mentioned in the patch notes started to turn up in the game environment. The tapes talk about a computer system gone haywire in Vault 51.

The clues suggest that the computer needs to be unplugged and that it has been killing people inside the vault. Eventually hints of Zax, an AI in the game, surface for players to destroy. Hints in Fallout 3 suggested Zax could become self-aware and take over in the future. This sounds interesting!