Fallout 76 Beta Access Requires Game Pre-Order

One of the games that has gamers most excited from E3 2018 is Bethesda’s Fallout 76. The game is an open-world multiplayer title that has survival elements and claims to be four times larger than any previous fallout game. With the move to a cooperative and PvP online multiplayer title, Bethesda has announced that it will be going through a beta period to sort things out before the official launch.

If you want in on the Beta all you need to do is pre-order the game reports Gamespot. Exactly when that pre-order will launch is unannounced, but we do know that Bethesda is aiming at launching on November 14, 2018. The game will land for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. I’m a bit torn about the move to an online multiplayer game, I am a huge Fallout fan and love the core single-player experience we have had for years now.

The game will allow you to build your base up as you were able to do in Fallout 4. In Fallout 4 you had to scavenge materials to build up the base with wood and metal, presumably it will be the same in Fallout 76 but we don’t know. You could also set all sorts of traps and weapons around to protect your home.

One interesting tidbit of the new game is that players will be able to work towards securing nuclear weapons that they can then use on the map. There will be six regions on the map for players to explore. This time out instead of only having to worry about mutants and gangs, you will also have to worry about other players. Fallout 76 had better be good.