Facebook Stored Millions Upon Millions of Passwords in Plain Text

Facebook can’t seem to do anything right. The massive social network has been in hot water for privacy practices among other things, and it has shown no real sign of cleaning up its act. A new Facebook security row has surfaced, and this one shows the lack of basic security practices for hundreds of millions of user passwords.

Facebook has announced that the passwords of hundreds of millions of Facebook and Instagram accounts were improperly stored as plain text on its servers. Facebook says that the plain text passwords were searchable by employees and could have been linked to specific accounts reports BGR.

There is no indication, at least according to Facebook, that any employees looked at the passwords. With Facebook seeming to always have security issues, it’s hard to take the social media company at its word.

Facebook has said that it will notify those users who had passwords stored in plain text. It seems a good idea to go and change your password, particularly if you have a debit card tied to your account.