Facebook Rolls Out Messenger Kids App

Facebook has announced that it has rolled out a new preview of the Messenger Kids app that makes it safe and easy for kids to chat and message with family and friends. The app lets kids connect with friends and family members, but the parents must approve who they can talk to on the app.

While the Messenger Kids app lives on the kid’s tablet or smartphone, it is controlled via the parents Facebook account. For now, the preview of the app is available on the App Store for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Parents must set the app up for the kid.

Once that setup is complete they can chat with a single person or in a group of pre-approved contacts. The home screen of the app shows the kids who they are approved to talk to and when the contacts are online.

The app has masks, effects, and other items that kids can add to their video. Parents and friends can receive messages sent from the kid’s app on the regular messenger app. There are no ads in the Messenger Kids app.