EVGA Shows Off SuperNova 2200 Watt Power Supply At CES 2018


EVGA 2200W Behemoth Power Supply Requires 220V Outlet

Legit Reviews made a visit to the EVGA suite at CES 2018 and noticed a 2200 Watt power supply sitting with the other EVGA units, just minding its business, with no particular attention being pointed towards it besides a note card with the model number on it. The EVGA SuperNova 2200 P2 is a 2200 Watt 80 Plus Platinum Rated Power Supply from the popular manufacturer of video cards, power supplies and AIO coolers. Featuring a full modular design, which will be welcome in the mining community, the EVGA SuperNova 2200 P2 looks impressive on paper.

SuperNova 2200

A quick check of the specification label revealed that the EVGA SuperNova 2200 P2 power supply has a 12V rail rated for a whopping 183.3 Amps output. If you’re a mad scientist in the midst of building a power efficient time machine, the SuperNova 2200 P2 might be the ideal power supply for said task.

EVGA SuperNova 2200 P2 - 220V

You won’t be able to just plug the SuperNova 2200 P2 into your typical American household outlet, a 220V outlet will be required. I really like the industrial look of the EVGA SuperNova 2200 P2, just look at that giant power button next to the 220V plug. Given the 220V outlet requirement of the SuperNova 2200 P2, EVGA had no feasible way to demonstrate the unit at their CES suite, so we couldn’t get an example of the kind of noise levels and heat output to expect out of the unit when it is running at full output.

EVGA SuperNova 2200 P2

The EVGA SuperNova 2200 P2 currently doesn’t have any announced MSRP or release date on the EVGA website, but given the 80 Plus Platinum rating and 2200 watts output, I’d expect it to cost north of $500. 2200 Watts of power with 80 Plus Platinum efficiency is truly impressive and I look forward to seeing more on this behemoth of a power supply.