EVERCOOL Transformer 3 HDT CPU Cooler Review

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Looking closer at the EVERCOOL Transformer 3

Evercool Transformer 3 CPU Cooler

The Transformer 3 is a 3 heatpipe HDT cooler. The U shaped heatpipes have a diameter of 6mm and are arranged in V pattern. The fins for the Transformer 3 are made of aluminum. There are 55 fins in all. The Transformer 3 stands 161mm tall and 130mm wide. The 161mm height is almost a norm any more, but if you have a narrow case you will want to measure to see what clearance you have to the side panel.

Evercool Transformer 3 CPU Cooler front

Looking from the front of the cooler we can see how the V pattern allows the all the vertical pipes to have direct air flow from the fan.

Evercool Transformer 3 CPU Cooler side

Looking from the side the Transformer 3 is narrow, only 78.5mm wide. This is nice for users because with the fan installed it should not crowd the ram slots.

Evercool Transformer 3 CPU Cooler top

Looking at the top we can see the fin profile. The fin profile is symmetrical, and the way the Transformer 3 is setup it can accommodate two 120mm fans. The fans will attach with rubber isolator mounts into the channels in the corners of the fins.

Evercool Transformer 3 CPU Cooler base top

The Transformer 3 comes with the Intel mounting system already in place. The post on the top of the base is for the AMD locking bar to set on.

Evercool Transformer 3 CPU Cooler hdt base

The base for the Transformer 3 is a Heatpipe Direct Touch or HDT. For a budget cooler I was happy to see an HDT base that has no gaps between the heatpipes and base. Gaps tend to be traps for thermal paste to get stuck in making HDT coolers trickier to install than a traditional cooler.

Evercool Transformer 3 CPU Cooler fan

The included fan is, well to be honest, fugly. The plastic chrome makes me think of an 80’s tracksuit, BUT, it is quiet at low RPMs. It runs at 800-2200 RPM at 15 to 35dBA. The fan is PWM controlled so the majority of the time it should be nice and quiet. We’ll see as the testing goes on.

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