EVE Online Player Loses Revenant Supercarrier Worth Around $9,000 USD

Last week a member of the EVE corporation Habitual Euthanasia (alliance Pandemic Legion) lost his Revenant Supercarrier in a battle with members of Black Legion. Why is this a big deal? Well, it is the first time an an ultra-rare faction ship has been destroyed and it is expensive.


The loss of the ship is estimated to be somewhere between 280B and 330B ISK, which equates to around $8,000-$9,000 in US dollars. In-game items do have a real-world value thanks to the use of Plex and someone is likely still upset over this loss.

You can watch a clip of the event above and there is also a Soundcloud file below (WARNING very harsh language and comments) of Pandemic Legion’s communication after the event, it seems that several of Pandemic’s people had received a call to go help someone and walked into a trap. Double ouch! That my friends is how you destroy a Revenant Supercarrier!

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