Eta Aquariids Meteor Shower Peaks This Week


One of the most famous comets ever hasn’t been seen since 1986. It’s called Halley’s Comet. While the comet itself is long gone, it did produce an annual meteor shower from the debris left by its tail called the Eta Aquariids.

The meteor shower has been going on since April 19 and will end on May 28. Its peak happens on Thursday night, with ideal viewing before dawn. However, skywatchers will be able to view it before midnight for the rest of the week.

The meteor shower is expected to produce about 60 shooting stars for those in the southern hemisphere and up to 30 for those in the northern hemisphere. The meteors appear to come from the constellation of Aquarius, which is where the name comes from.

Halley’s Comet itself comes around every 76 years. That means some people who saw it last in 1986 could still be around to see it when it comes through again.