ePower Jaguar 450W PSU



When it comes to the world of computing, one of the components that is sometimes given little thought or research when upgrading or building a new PC has to be the power supply. As an avid reader of many forums, I constantly see people trying to run systems that the top overclockers run powered by inadequate and poor quality power supplies.Many will also try to run 2 optical drives, 5 hard drives, a high-end graphics card, 10 led fans, and a multitude of other items on a 250watt power supply ! Many times, those inquiring about why their system is unstable will get an answer from a seasoned veteran who tells them they need a better power supply, but people tend to disregard advice like this. While it is not always necessary to have a 500+ watt power supply. More importantly than the total power is the quality of that power. I have a friend that runs a decently overclocked system on a 350 watt Antec power supply and he is completely happy with it. Today, we have a look at a company new to Legit Reviews that manufactures quality power supplies: ePower Technology. We pulled the following information off of their web site about who ePower Technology is as a company:

“Founded in 1990, E-Power Technology is a leader in high performance PC power supply technology. Headquartered in City of Industry, California, the company has grown from a small supplier of PC power supply into a diversified manufacturer of high technology products including PC gaming, server, workstation and industrial power supply. E-Power Technology products are currently used in a variety of professional and consumers markets including industrial server, PC gamer and general computing applications. The Silent Engine Power Supply is evident in every product we deliver – from superior development, to product availability, product reliability, value, and 24/7 customer’s support.”

You can also visit their website at epowertec.com for more information, a listing of their products and where to purchase their products.

As you will see on their site, they have a full line of power supplies, of which we have one here to look at, the Jaguar 450.

In the Open

In The Dark


As you can see from these specs (taken from their web page), this power supply packs plenty of punch! As you look at the +3.3v, +5v and the +12v lines, you can see that this power supply should have plenty of juice available for anything you throw at it. These specs are verified on the power supply itself as you can see in the following picture.

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