Epic Restructures Unreal Engine Marketplace Giving More Loot to Sellers

Epic’s Unreal Engine is one of the staples of the gaming industry with developers of all sorts from many companies using that game engine to create cool video games and content. The way Epic makes money off that engine is by charging licensing fees and royalties on most projects. Epic has announced that it is making some changes and is giving more of the money back to the developers.

Epic is restructuring the Unreal Engine Marketplace and the developers/store split is now going to be 88% for the dev and 12% for the store. Epic took a much larger 30% of the store revenue before.

According to Epic that 30% chunk was the industry average. That store is a place where devs can go in and purchase pre-made digital assets for their games. Those assets can be anything from character models to texture packs or music samples reports Destructoid.

Fortnite’s main competitor PUBG is known to use a mix of in-house developed assets and purchased assets. To make things even more exciting for devs, Epic is retroactively applying the new split deal to all sales that have happened since Marketplace launched in 2014. Devs can thank the hundreds of millions of dollars a month that Fortnite is currently raking in for this good favor from Epic.