Epic Games Promises $20 million For Fortnite Tournaments This Year

2021 will be a big year for the sports, with Epic Games announcing a $20 million pledge for Fortnite gamers. A prize pool worth $20 million will undoubtedly get competitive gamers excited and represents a significant step up from the $17 million pledged last year. Epic announced the news as it provided details on the latest season of the Fortnite Champion Series.

All of the competitions will take place online, and details about the schedule have been offered. Qualifiers begin on February 4, with finals starting on March 12. There will be broadcasts with commentary in French, German, and Spanish.

A few adjustments have been made to the format with players competing in a single cross-platform player pool. Cross-platform access allows players on multiple platforms to play together as teammates. There will be weekly qualifiers with an additional round to cut down the final lobby more gradually.

Once a team qualifies for the semifinals, the team is locked and can’t play additional qualifiers. All prizes are shifted to the finals, and the top three teams from each regional final will automatically qualify for next season’s final. More details can be found here.