Enemy Discovered for first Time in Bloodborne Three Years After Launch

Bloodborne fans might want to dust the game off and give it another go after a serious new enemy has been discovered in the game. Bloodborne launched back in 2014 and some of the early footage of the game showed an enemy that had a flaming hand. The problem was when gamers played the game the beast was nowhere to be seen.

The assumption for the last three years since launch was that the enemy had simply been cut from the game. That assumption was wrong. Recently some gamers were playing the game and came upon the Flaming Undead Giant in a dungeon.

The discovery was announced with a blog post, “Three years later, on 19th November 2017, a group of Tomb Prospectors, led by KolbrotKommander (the creator of the dungeon) made the impossible discovery by officially sighting the first ever Flaming Undead Giant in a Depth 4 Cursed and Defiled Root Chalice. And so it goes full circle.”

Kotaku reports that if you want to find the beast yourself, you can use the glyph pa6ssc6u to check it out. With it taking three years to find this enemy, you have to wonder if anything else cool is lurking undiscovered in the game.