EmuParadise Throws in the Towel Before Nintendo Kicks in the Door

Nintendo is on the warpath and has been taking aggressive legal action against websites that are serving up ROMS of old video games for retro gamers to enjoy. Its legal action has shut down two different ROM sites so far including LoveROMs and LoveRetro.co so far. You can bet EmuParadise was on the map for Nintendo to come after.

To try and stave off any potential legal action EmuParadise has announced that it is removing all ROMs from the website. The owners of the website told PCMag that the site had been considering pulling the ROMs for a while, but Nintendo’s legal actions in the industry have made that decision. Nintendo hit one of the sites it shut down with a demand that the owner pay $150,000 for each of the pirated titles offered on the site.

EmuParadise has been in operation for 18 years and has fought previous attempts to stop the site from offering ROMs. It had apparently removed certain titles from its site in the past after receiving demands from Nintendo. It would be a surprise to see Nintendo leave the site alone and not sue it for previously sharing pirated games.

EmuParadise reportedly had a reputation for providing digital ROMs that were free from malware making it a popular place for downloads. The website will continue to provide emulator software to allow people to play ROMs they already have.