Elite Dangerous Update Will Add Planetary Missions

Fans of the video game Elite Dangerous have a new expansion called Odyssey to look forward to. When it lands, they will be able to land on the surface of planets and walk around. Players will be able to fly down to the surface of the planet, land their spaceship, go for a walk, or fight in first-person mode. Planetary landings came to the game in 2015 with the Horizons expansion, and the new Odyssey expansion will flesh that out even more.

The new ground missions will include diplomatic, commercial ventures, and combat. Players will be able to find work, other players to help them out, and shops and social hubs are spread across the galaxy. That will allow players to meet other pilots and players of the game in person, rather than through the windows of their spacecraft.

The expansion will allow players to choose their weapons load-outs depending on the mission they’re undertaking. The update is also expected to bring some new tech and likely changes to moons and planets that are scattered around the game’s universe.

The Odyssey update is coming in early 2021, so there’s a while to wait. However, fans do have a new addition for the game coming this month that will add fleet carriers. The ships are extremely expensive, mobile service stations with landing pads and the sort of services usually found had an NPC station.