EA Anthem Details Surface Pointing to 2019 Launch

If you are looking forward to the big BioWare launch of the loot-shooter Anthem, you have a long time to wait. The game will reportedly launch in 2019. The original launch date of 2018 is said to have been unrealistic. In fact, don’t count on the game until near the end of Q1 2019.

The rumored launch date is sometime in March 2019, which is the end of EA’s fiscal year. BioWare has pretty much everything riding on the game reports Forbes. With Mass Effect Andromeda turning out to be a big miss for the studio, the success or failure of Anthem could impact the entire future of the studio.

It would certainly not be out of the realm of possibility for a failure of Anthem to mean the end for BioWare. Andromeda’s performance was so poor that it resulted in the entire franchise being put on hold. I’m still sad about that, I love the Mass Effect franchise.

Forbes wonders if EA has the patience to wait for Anthem to find its footing and gain popularity. Some similar games in the genre have needed a long time to do that. EA may suffer from the Fox syndrome of calling something dead before it really builds up steam.