E3 Will Return This Year

2020 was a difficult year for people all around the world. The pandemic cost many lives and kept people everywhere stuck indoors for months at a time. With the pandemic raging, many of the game conferences and announcements that gamers look forward to each year were absent in 2020.

One of the notable absences was the E3 conference. The good news is despite challenges remaining in 2021, E3 is returning. The downside is that E3 is returning as an all-digital event that will stream from July 12 through the 15th.

Some rumors have suggested that E3 2021 would be a paid event, but those rumors aren’t true, with reports indicating E3 2021 will being entirely free for all to attend. As in years past, E3 will be a place where developers and studios can unveil their new games coming during the year.

Expectations are that announcements will come at the show from major studios and hardware makers, including Nintendo, Xbox, Capcom, Konami, and more. Sony isn’t expected to be at the show.