E3 Data Leak Exposes Press Contact Info

Each year journalists head out to E3 to see what new games will be coming down the pipeline. This year was no different with E3 2019 being held earlier this summer. The E3 exhibitor website had a security issue, and in the breach, about 2,000 registered attendees saw their data leaked.

While for the press folks the leak may be nothing more than a minor annoyance, word is that among those who saw contact info leaked were Twitch streamers and other web personalities. Workers at Goldman-Sachs, IMDb, and other companies were also leaked.

“We provide ESA members and exhibitors a media list on a password-protected exhibitor site so they can invite you to E3 press events, connect with you for interviews, and let you know what they are showcasing,” says the email to journalists. “For more than 20 years there has never been an issue.”

The flaw that leaked the press list was on the exhibitor website. The media contact list was linked on the public page of the exhibitor website for anyone to download. Private addresses were included in the list.