E3 2020 to be Cancelled Over Coronavirus Fears

Panic over the coronavirus continues to spread all around the world. Many conferences have been canceled as a result of the threat of coronavirus. The latest tech show to get the ax is the annual E3 show. Reports indicate that the ESA, the organizers of the event., are set to announce today that E3 2020 has been canceled.

The show was set to take place at the LA Convention Center in June. The reason for the cancellation is said to be coronavirus fears. Rumors claim that some sort of digital experience will be held instead. The cancellation is expected to be announced at 9:30 am in LA today claims a person familiar with the matter cited by Bloomberg.

E3 is a significant event for the gaming industry and is where lots of new games and hardware are seen first. Many have been looking forward to the show this year with hopes of more details on the next-generation game consoles.

There is no indication of what a digital experience might look like or if game devs and other participants will go for such a show. E3 hasn’t been as popular in recent years as it was in the past, the cancellation could hurt the prospects for the show next year if the digital experience proves successful.