Doom Eternal Announced at E3

Bethesda has announced a new game at E3 that Doom fans will really like. The game is called Doom Eternal and this time out the game is set on Earth, or at least it certainly looks like Earth in the trailer. A really jacked up and destroyed Earth with dead people everywhere and demons all about.

You seem the Doom Slayer complete with his trusty shotgun and suit of armor crushing skulls and ready to blast all the bad guys. Is it just me or does that armor look a lot like the armor from Fallout 4? I haven’t played the rebooted Doom game from 2016, and if you haven’t either this next part is a spoiler so skip it.

Apparently, the Doom Slayer was banished back to Hell at the end of the first game (the 2016 version mind you) and this game picks up where that one left off. I wonder if you get to blast Hayden the cyborg that forced you back to hell in this game?

Kotaku reports that more details about Doom Eternal will be offered at QuakeCon in August. Until then enjoy the teaser trailer offered up at E3 below.