Donkey Kong Coming to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

A new trailer has turned up for the video game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle that sees one of Nintendo’s longest running characters coming to the game- Donkey Kong. The trailer shows a Rabbid dressed as Princess Peach running from enemies in the game.

Donkey Kong then swings into action launching the Rabbid to safety and taking out the enemies with a boomerang banana. You can watch that trailer at the bottom of this post.

Kong will come to the game in a DLC that will land in Spring 2018. The DLC will be purchasable alone and offered free to season pass holders. The DLC action will take place in a new world, expected to be a tropical location according to Gamerant.

The game launched for the Switch last August and was the best-selling third-party game on the console. The game was an Ubisoft and Nintendo collaboration. With new DLC coming fans of the game will continue playing or a long time to come.