Details On New Apex Legends Character Jericho Leak

Apex Legends is a popular game, and the devs are working hard to keep payers engaged. Some details on a new legend have leaked, and the character is called Jericho. The details came from a data miner called The Gaming Merchant.

The name “Jericho” leaked in February but it was unclear at the time if the name was for a weapon or a character reports Piunikaweb. The ability for the character was found in the leak.

Jerico will have armor that protects him from damage, and it appears to be the Gibraltar shield. It’s not clear if the character will be able to use the shield and weapons at the same time. The passive ability for the character is called On Your Six.

That allows the character to be protected by the ballistic shield when the shield isn’t in use. The character also has shield-breaker javelins in the from of two thrown spears that are electrically charged and penetrate the armor of the enemy.