Destiny 2 Heads to Steam After Ditching Activision

Gamers interested in Destiny 2, but who didn’t want to buy a game that wasn’t offered on Steam can get their wallets ready. Now that Destiny 2 is no longer associated with Activision, a bunch of changes are coming, and one of them is that the game is coming to Steam.

We also know that the game has a new expansion pack coming that will land in September along with cross-play support. A new free-to-play version of the base game is coming as well. The game will land on Steam when Shadowkeep launches.

Destiny was originally only offered on PC via, the Activision Blizzard PC portal. The move will happen after the last piece of content from Activision Blizzard, called Season of Opulence, launches. Shadowkeep will launch on September 17.

The game will also support cross-saves on all platforms including PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia. Bungie will be launching future expansions as standalone offerings meaning you won’t need previous expansions to play.