Destiny 2 1.0.6 Patch Fixes One Issue, Causes Another

Yesterday Bungie issued a patch that brought Destiny 2 to version 1.0.6. That patch was meant to fix a bug that left clan members unable to be displayed in-game. The good news about that patch is that it does indeed fix the clan roster issue and you can now see clan members in the clan menu. The bad news is that it has caused another, more significant issue according to PCGamer.

Reports indicate that the game now freezes consistently for about a second each time, particularly during busy events. Those freezes weren’t present when the game was played on the same hardware before the patch was issued. There are numerous other players complaining about the short freezes of the game across the web.

A Bungie helper has stated on the game forums that the information is being forwarded to internal teams or investigation. Bungie has officially recognized the issue tweeting that it is investigating the problem.

Presumably, this will mean another hotfix coming soon. Few things are more frustrating for gamers than laggy games that freeze, even if the freeze lasts only a second or more.