Custom PlayStation 5 Console Rocks Retro PS2 Flavor

Anyone who is able to get their hands on the PlayStation 5 game console gets a white and black design. It’s the only color Sony offers. SUP3R5 will soon be selling a customized retro-inspired PlayStation 5 console that looks like a modernized version of the PlayStation 2 from back in the day.

The customized PlayStation 5 ditches the white in favor of an all-black design with colored PlayStation logos anyone who played the PlayStation 2 will remember. SUP3R5 says it will produce 304 units with pricing starting at $649.

The controller that ships with the console also has the same retro color scheme. Shipping is set for late spring 2021, which should mean a few months from now. The company does point out that its conversion process requires a complete disassembly of the controller and will void Sony’s warranty.

However, the console isn’t disassembled, and it will maintain its warranty. The image suggests that it will convert both digital and disc versions of the PlayStation 5 console. It’s unclear if the company has its hands on 304 units to offer at once or if it will convert them as stock is available. This may be the best alternative to scalpers many gamers will have for the foreseeable future.