Corsair VOID PRO RGB Wireless SE Gaming Headset Review

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Corsair Void Pro SE RGB Headset Closer Look

Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless SE Front

Having a look at the Corsair Void Pro, it’s a handsome set of cans and I’m a fan of the yellow though admittedly it’s not for everyone. Personally, the yellow/black color combination reminds of the old Kenny Roberts Yamaha racing motorcycles that were so popular during my younger days (most millennials will be scratching their heads at this point as I provide a clue as to my age here). The aluminum alloy yokes blend in nicely and complement the overall color scheme not matter the hue of the plastic. The absence of wires give it freedom of movement though one should moderate the intensity of movement as it doesn’t have a particularly strong clamp on the head so becoming dislodged from optimum positioning is a real risk. According to Corsair, this is a result of the viscoelastic memory foam that gives long term comfort. The boom for the microphone extends from the left side and swivels up out of the way when not needed. When rotated up, the system is smart enough to auto-mute the microphone and there’s a visual alert of this with a band of red lighting up towards the end of the boom. While on the subject, voice clarity from the microphone is very good, even without the removable foam breath guard in place. I had no complaints from users on the other end when in use and I could hear via the sidetone that no excess ambient noise was being picked up. The microphone is DISCORD certified so rest assured the hardware and software meet qualifications from an industry standard.

Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless SE Rear

There’s also viscoelastic memory foam along the bottom of the headband for additional wearing comfort. It’s made out of the same soft and breathable microfiber mesh fabric as found on the ear cups. I was able to wear them for many hours at a time without them ever feeling uncomfortable – a little warm – yes, but that’s going to happen with any closed circumaural headphones.

Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless SE Left

The left side is the really the business end of things on the headset. As mentioned, the boom extends from here which rotates down to extended directly out forward as well as rotating straight up to be out of the way when out of use. The power button is also located on this side as well as the mute button which works in addition to the auto-mute activation when the mic is swung upward. Toward the rear is a multi-function jog type switch which we’ll get into in just a moment. Obviously, the controls and such are located on this side because it’s typically the non-mouse hand so gaming action needs very little interruption should an adjustment be needed.

Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless SE Right

The Corsair logo that adorns this side along with the other are white when not lit and virtually any other color or pattern on demand through the CUE software. The lighting itself isn’t super bright, even when set to full intensity, depending on the colors so if there’s a lot of ambient light and you are using say, orange, it’s going to look a little washed out.

Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless SE Swivel

The ear cups themselves do rotate so they can fit flat on your chest when putting the band down around your neck or lay flat on the desktop. This is pretty typical of most any gaming headset.

The foam covers are removable, revealing the plastic grill neath where the 50mm neodynmium speakers reside. Underneath the left can is the micro-USB port for charging (though can be used during charging) and here you can see the multi-function jog switch that can be used to increase or decrease the volume level at each upward or downward flick respectively, but also can change to one of the available EQ profiles with a short press or toggle between stereo and Dolby with a long press. Thus, mitigating the need to jump over to software for use tasks. Speaking of software…that’s exactly what we’ll be looking at next.

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