Corsair Vengeance Pro Series 16GB DDR3 1866MHz Memory Kit Review


Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866MHz Final Thoughts & Conclusion

So, was the Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866MHz DRAM kit pretty sweet? I must say it absolutely met my expectations, and this includes everything from appearance to performance.

Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866MHz DRAM

Starting with appearance, the Vengeance Pro modules look really nice. The ones that I reviewed today were silver and black in color, which is a choice that will go with just about anyones setup. I think I would really dig the red or blue to go with my GIGABYTE Z87X-UD4H, too.

While the heat spreaders are tall, measuring approximately 44.45mm, I would have to say they should not get in the way of most aftermarket air coolers or water cooling loops. They are actually quite slick and Corsair did a great job designing them. Corsairs goal was to make them look aggressive, and I think they did a nice job with that.

Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866MHz DRAM

To achieve the 1866MHz speed, you will have to utilize the XMP Profile 1, otherwise the modules will sit at JEDEC standard of 1333MHz with 9-9-9-24 timings. Now overclocking these beyond the XMP profile is where I was pretty happy. I was able to overclock these modules from 1866MHz with 9-10-9-27 2T timings to 2000MHz with 9-9-9-27 1T timings with the same 1.5 volts. I also managed to bump the modules up to 2200MHz with 9-12-11-32 2T timings, but had to bump the voltage to 1.58v. I did also bump the voltage to 1.65v to see if I could get 2400MHz out of this kit, but unfortunately I couldn’t get my system to POST. The free speed increase with tighter timings and no voltage increase was a very nice bonus.

Corsair Vengeance Pro Installed

These modules do come in speeds up to 2400MHz and kits in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB in size, but the ones we reviewed today were clocked at 1866MHz and were a 16GB kit (2x 8GB). You can pick this same 1866MHz 16GB kit up on Amazon for $148.45 shipped, which is a competitive price with kits of the same speed and size. These modules are also backed by Corsairs lifetime warranty.

LR Recommended Award

Legit Bottom Line: Corsairs Vengeance Pro has a fairly aggressive heat spreader that comes in multiple colors that look great. Overclocking on these modules was pretty good and the free speed increase and tighter timings, without bumping voltage, was a nice plus to the already great performance the Vengeance Pro delivers.